Saving on food and drinks may seem difficult especially to the millennial generation who prefer to choose convenience over low cost. In theMiddle East and Qatar, the millennials prefer to live in good luxury apartments. In these regions, the rent of a basic bedroom in Pearl Qatar is 8000 Riyals. However, they find it difficult to save on food and drinks. Hence, this guide contains discounts and offers provided by retailers that millennials can leverage on. Let’s take a look some of the most beneficial ones.

Retail Discount and Offers Millennials can benefit from

  • The buy one, get one free offer: Retailer often this discount and would require the buyer to receive two of the same product or may allow for a free product different from the initial purchase. This package could help the millennials save more especially when this package is offered on food and drinks.
  • Contract discount: Here, a standard discount percentage is provided in an existing contract between the retailer and buyer. For instance, the contract may state that every purchase made automatically attracts an 8% discount. Under this deal, the cut would be deducted from the sale price at the point of sale.
  • Early payment offer: This package enable the buyer to take a small percentage discount when paying the retailer, provided the payment is made with a specified number of days. These discount prove to have a high effective interest rate and can be a good deal for the consumer provided they have enough money to pay for the product on time.
  • Free shipping: This involves providing free shipping if the order is placed within a specified timeframe or if a discount code is used. This offer is often linked to the order date instead of the shipping date because the shipping date could be hindered.
  • Order-specific discount: Occasionally retailers provide a special deal on certain products or for all items but for a specific timeframe. This offer is very profitable for the consumers; hence, they need to purchase before the package expires.
  • Seasonal Discount: This involves a price deduction on products during a certain period of the year when the retailer knows sales would generally be slow. For instance, a hotel at a ski resort may offer a price deduction in summer when it would have few customers.

Aside from the above offers and discount provided by the retailer, there are other ways the millennial can save money while shopping.

Let’s examine some of the most important ones.

Use Beitna apps to Save

Finding the best retail offer used to be done by sitting down with a stack of weekly ads; however, the can now be done with smartphones. Beitna apps can save consumer money since they only scan their receipts once they make a buy so they can claim coupons and rebates.

Avoid pre-cut or packaged items

The millennial generation is known for lots of things including their addiction towards convenience. When it comes to food, they love to eat out, order delivery or pay higher for pre-cut or packaged produce. Although this isn’t wrong when you are in a hurry; however, opting for diced veggies is more expensive and would sometimes double costs.

Check out ethnic markets

A secret tip for the millennial who want to save on shopping especially on food and drinks involves finding the nearest ethnic market which usually has affordable prices for drinks and staples like beans and rice. Do not worry, the quality is the same as your local store. You can locate an ethical market close to you by searching online or noticing smaller stores nearby.

Avoid wasting food

Another way the millennials can save more on food and drink is to avoid wasting them. A bad habit of food waste is not just bad for the environment but also expensive. To avoid wasting food, always plan your meals around the food already in your pantry, freezer or fridge and keep records of all the leftovers you have. More importantly, if you are not sure you would finish a meal, trying freezing it before it goes bad.

In summary, saving on food and drink may seem difficult, especially to the millennials who prefer convenience over low cost. However, if they leverage on the discount and offers provided by a retailer and use the tips provided in this guide, then they can start saving more.